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Jim Kang

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Gets captures from the public domain part of the NYPL Digital Collection.

Another Google Image Search Node module.

A util that simply runs linechomper on a file, then reports the results as JSON.

Passes back the good URLs in the list, using HEAD requests to check each of them.

Handles asserting that there is no error in a test so you don't have to paste something like this into everything.

Makes callbacks that log and/or call the outer callback if there's an error so that you don't have to.

Module with utilities for making random table and related things.

Given an object, tells you if a path through its keys exists. e.g. Is ['countries', 'US', 'states', 'MA', 'cities', 'Somerville'] in an addresses object?

Calls callbacks on next tick so you can avoid craziness from code that expects async to not execute immediately. (Formerly conform-async.)

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